Saturday, June 22, 2013

PONY PARTY celebrating Annabelle's 5th Birthday

Time is flying by and my baby girl is already FIVE! We celebrated her birthday and her love of horses with a pony party. She and her friends enjoyed a sweet outdoor country picnic and pony rides. As always, I am thankful that I had Maggie Russo there to capture every sweet moment and party detail and my wonderful sister baked the amazing cake and cookies!

We started out with a country picnic lunch for all of the little girls in sweet picnic baskets complete with a horse "happy meal" toy. I made up custom stickers and packaged southern chicken biscuits and then had little containers of fruit along with juice to go with it. The lunch was light because the dessert was not!

And then on to dessert! I was lucky that Annabelle had a couple of American girl horses because they made perfect decor. I made them some prize ribbons and they were right at home. I found a couple of great vintage horse trophies to complete the look.

This gorgeous cake was made by my sister. The inside was pink ombre. The outside had stripes of ruffles with a full ruffle top. I topped it with a sweet spotted pony (Annabelle's favorite) and a birthday sign.

I made chocolate horse pops and Derby Pie in mini mason Jars (or course we can't call it that so I went with Kentucky Pie)

Of course the main event was the pony rides! The girls enjoyed feeding apples to the ponies and taking rides around the park.

  The pinata came in close second though! Who knew tootsie rolls could be this exciting?!

And last we played Pin the Tail on the Pony for mini trophy cups.

My little Annabelle had her dream come true when she got some one on one time with Rocket the Pony!

You can find the invite in my shop here!

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  1. What a beautiful party you had! Loved all the details. I'm planning the same for my Annabelle and I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the oversized banner on the barn and the pin the tail game board?

    1. Hello! Thank you! I designed them both and uploaded to for printing (large lawn sign and Large Banner) The designs are available in my printable party set here

      Thanks! have a great party <3

    2. Oh awesome! so the banner can be sized that big?

    3. yes, that is the large size banner from If you order digital set from me just mention that you want me to include that.