Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Cupcake First Birthday

My First Post! I have been dreaming this blog up in my mind for months. In the months to come I have lots of great party design ideas and DIY projects to share with you. I hope you will be inspired to create a homespun party of your own!

Taking a look back now....as I plan Annabelle's third birthday I am remembering her sweet first birthday. She has changed so much! In many ways my party style has changed as well. I have always been passionate about throwing parties, I think my style has just evolved over the years. And yes, I did have very planned "homespun" parties for my boys every year since they turned one too....it is just recent that I realized the importance of actually taking pictures to remember such events! Hard to imagine all of the work and planning that went into those parties and I never thought to take pictures!

So here are a few of my favorite pictures from Annabelle's first bitrthday. It was a very sweet cupcake party for my little sweetie! Lucky for me I had the very talented Maggie Russo take pictures for Annabelle's last two parties. You will be seeing alot more of her beautiful images soon. Enjoy!

This was her party dress, custom made by Momi Boutique

And target had the perfect cupcake sandals that summer :)
Invites and noise makers made with love by yours truly.

 Noise makers and bubble favors in
sweet pink and green gingham, polka dots and plaid.
 Gorgeous cupcake sugar cookies made by a friend.

The boys could not help but sneak a cookie!

My sweet baby....

Our Family  ~ May  2009