Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i {heart} mason jars

....especially when scrumptious desserts are baked in them! I am planning a family event in July and was looking for a dessert that I could bake in mason jars to make my dessert table a little prettier and these were some favorites that I found.

First up....smores in a jar...gorgeous and they look so tasty too...found here!

And then there is this beautiful no-bake cheesecake in a jar...check out all of the varieties that she made

And there is always the ever popular cupcake in a jar....I thought these patriotic ones posted on Goosie Girl were really fabulous!

And last but not least....adorable little pies in a jar....beautiful and who doesn't like pie? Inspiration for pie in a jar favors found here on Pizzazzerie....one of my favorite spots for inspiration!

I would love to hear YOUR ideas for desserts in jars too!

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