Friday, August 31, 2012

WATER WAR - Celebrating Tyler's 10th Birthday

Seeing as this is the last official weekend of summer and it is 95 degrees here in Chicago, I thought it would be the perfect time to post pictures of my son's 10th Birthday Party last weekend. We celebrated with a Water War for he and his school friends. It was hot out and the boys had a great time playing in water!

Ty chose blue and green and I went from there. As always, I started with the invitation design and that made it easy to find everything to match. I shopped little by little all summer and by the end of August I had a nice assortment of blue and green water guns and water balloons! I set up a weapon table so that the boys could help themselves. This doubled as take home favors!

The dessert table was minimal...and as usual my sister came through for me with an amazing striped cake to match all of my paper designs and even water gun cookies in blue and green! I paired her awesome desserts with simple chocolate cupcakes, blue jello and an assortment of blue and green candy!

The boys enjoyed a small picnic box of chicken fingers and pasta salad before indulging in the dessert table of course!
The party was simple and tons of fun!
Fabulous Photos by Maggie Russo.


  1. love the blue and green! excuse my ignorance but what are the blue green water gun/shooters and where on earth did you find them?

  2. Hello!
    Those are from target and I think called water blasters.

  3. I'm planning on doing something like this for my son's 10th next month, I'm wondering if you made the invitations yourself or use a website, and if so, would you mind sharing?

    1. You can find the invitation and the entire party set in my shop.

    2. Invites and party set are on my NEW website