Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Gatherings {times two}

I have had a really wonderful month filled with family gatherings! Last night we gathered around 45 people from my husbands family for a fun little reunion while the kids from Norway and Colorado were in town to get to know the family! We had a blast as we always do with this big family! I kept the theme simple {CELEBRATE FAMILY} because that was the point! I decorated in Navy and Orange and made sure to use plenty of printables to pull the theme through.  Here is a little look...

In the beginning of the month we had my husbands godparents from New Orleans visit. We hosted a casual breakfast. I was able to get everything fresh from the farmers market that morning and made 2 homemade quiches to go with it. I also made homemade honey butter and gourmet bagel spreads the night before just to make our fresh bagels and pastries a little more special! Once again, I love visiting with family so I had a great time. Feeling very blessed!

Now I am looking forward to some quality beach days with my kids before they have to head back to school! I hope your days of summer are filled with family and fun too!
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  1. Oh my goodness! So amazing that you not only prepared such a delicious-looking spread but you displayed it so beautifully! Family is truly something to celebrate!