Monday, July 11, 2011

Surf's Up!

A couple of weeks ago my sweet little Andrew turned 7! We had a fun surfer party for him with blue and orange as our color theme. My very talented sister made desserts that made the party awesome and Maggie took pictures to make it all look magical!

For starters...look at my little surfer boy! he enjoyed every moment of his surfer party and that makes it all worth it!

Have a look at these amazing cookies and cake! They tasted just as good as they looked too. I used brown sugar as "sand" in my galvanized tiered tray. I also made little cups of blue jello with  gummy sharks swimming around with little "caution SHARKS" flags. You can personalize this printable collection to fit your party too! Now available here in my shop!

This party really did not break the bank, and I am going to share my secrets for being frugal and still throwing a very pulled together theme party.

For the favors, I set up a shelf that I already had at home with "Andrew's Surf Shack" goodies. We got sunscreen ( matching colors!) at the dollar store, sunglasses in white and shades of blue, also from the dollar store, we got the perfectly matching lollipops at Easter for $1 ea at Walmart, the bubbles were less than $1 ea at Target and the custom labels tie them right into the party, the sunshine cookie sticks were from Dollar Tree with my custom tags added to them and even my little candy jar was filled with inexpensive orange candy. The kids loved the free for all!

 We had a cookout and served food from "Andrew's Beach Grill" in retro blue baskets. The fruit and coleslaw was packed in mini 4 oz cups with custom "Andrew's Beach Grill" picks. The water and soda bottles were simply wrapped with matching labels to pull it all together.

Gotta love Target.....$4 beach towels that I took to a sports shop to have the kids names embroidered and a super cool shark fin ice mold!

Those surfboards that the cupcakes are on....$2.50 cork boards guessed it- TARGET! And the lanterns were also from the $2.50 section.

Hope you caught a little inspiration! Surf's up!


  1. Fabulous use of store-bought finds, and dressing them up with great printables! Looks like your son had a blast!

  2. This is GREAT!! We are doing a beach theme for my son's 5th birthday, so I know I can use a few of these ideas :)! Thanks!!

  3. So Adorable! I love all the creative details! I was hoping you could tell me where you got the galvanized tired tray :)

  4. This is so cute! I am so glad I found this post and will probably borrow some ideas for my son's party. :)

  5. Hi, where can I get these surfboard cookie mold? Thanks :)

  6. Hi, where can I get these surfboard cookie mold?

  7. Some great ideas