Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dolls have parties too!

Happy January! I have been busy creating new sets of party themes for my ETSY shop along with lots of custom requests. I have been working around the clock and my sweet little "assistant" Annabelle has been soaking up every little detail! Today she asked me if  I could "print a party" for her dollhouse! She told me she wanted purple and pink butterfly to be the theme and even made me a little "printable" wish list that included a banner, placemats and birthday signs. I also added a little party hat for the birthday girl.

I thought other moms might enjoy this project with your little girls too. Upload your free dollhouse butterfly party free here!

Here is my party stylist in training:

All Set up!

And of course the birthday girl needs a little party hat!

Enjoy! These little moments go by too fast!


  1. What doll house is that? It is adorable!!

  2. That is the Annabelle Dollhouse by kidkraft. Of course she had to have it because her name is Annabelle! It is cute as can be! The dolls are from Target. They go with the Playwonder dollhouse that they carry.

  3. I love the little party she planned! I bet she felt like her Momma! May I ask what dollhouse she has? We're in the process of a girl's room and it looks well made.

  4. How delightful to see your daughter actually playing with dolls and dollhouses...not to mention styling parties around them, too!