Friday, April 6, 2012

Oink! Baa! Moo! Sofia is TWO!

Last September I helped a friend with her daughter's barn animal party. She came in from out of town and set up this sweet party at a local apple orchard with a great red barn, a petting zoo and a perfect grouping of picnic tables where we were able to set up this party! This talented mama, Anna Patrizi, went all out and made the cutest little animal cake pops and apple pies in mason jars! The party was adorable and I had to share the photos!

You can find all of the paper designs in my shop

 Look at these adorable cake pops! This was Anna's first try! Now that is talent!! They totally made the desert table! Check out Bakerella's cake pop book for tips on making your own animal cake pops.
 This place is known for the fabulous Apple Cider and Pumpkin Donuts so those HAD to be on the dessert just can't go to County Line Orchard and not eat the donuts!

 Taffy Apples in cupcake liners were another great touch on the dessert table!

Anna made these rustic apple pies in mini mason jars too! How cute are they?
 The kids table was covered in burlap and each place setting had a little boxed lunch packed for each kid in red barn boxes with my custom labels. The kids loved it seeing this table when they arrived at the party!

My sweet little Annabelle was a very happy guest at this party, especially eating the little piggy cookies made by her Auntie Cil!

 I missed photo opps with the adult food table, but it was set out casually on a picnic table with a large bushel of wrapped sub sandwiches, a bushel of glass hinged milk bottles with chocolate milk, bowls of salads with wooden spoons adorned with red gingham ribbon and homemade banana bread (made by Anna, of course). Here is a peek at the bread!
 One of the cute animals in the petting zoo waiting for food!

 We filled little burlap sacs with animal feed for the kids to enjoy in the petting zoo with cut little custom tags. This was also a way to stretch the budget by splitting up the feed that the petting zoo sells into 3 burlap sacs per bag purchased. (I always like to stretch my party budget any way I can!!)
 And here is little Sofia, the Birthday Girl at her 2nd Birthday Barnyard Bash! How cute is she???

Thank you Anna for letting me share in this celebration with you! I enjoyed every minute of this!

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  1. Such a lovely party! The birthday girl is adorable! x